Edizioni WE

Much more than just a publishing house.

Culture for the good

EDIZIONI WE  is a publishing house that promotes THE GOOD, by which we mean the personal, cultural, moral, scientific, technological, ecological, social, and spiritual growth of "human beings" connected to an essential development of both psycho-physical and economic well-being.

This ambitious goal is achieved by providing a series of services that help, support, connect in a network, and monetize "people of value, culture, art, poetry, profession" with the aim of spreading the above-mentioned "good knowledge" globally through every traditional or innovative means.

These people of culture and excellence (Writers, Artists, Entrepreneurs) no longer act alone but, thanks to WE, they begin to create a group: "THE WE" which, by moving in a coordinated manner, gains strength to spread "THE GOOD" everywhere.

In Edizioni We, individual excellence and uniqueness are always highlighted and encouraged even within the group context.

In Edizioni We, excellence and improvement are seen as positive models to imitate and disseminate.

The many ways of being "WE"

Live TV

To bring culture into every home.

Online thematic conferences

Author discussions on current topics.

Live presentations

Culture that unites authors and readers.

Information and technology

Technology and the future are part of  "We".

Synergy with Associations

Culture not aimed at others is sterile.

Bookstores, Museums, and Squares

Edizioni We engages with readers.