Do you want to publish with us? It's free.

Do you want to publish your novel with EDIZIONI WE? It's free.
Send your manuscript, your presentation, and your synopsis to
If the text is considered suitable, you will receive a clear publication contract that offers numerous advantages!

Please note: The author will not be asked to purchase copies of their manuscript. Publication is truly free.

Advantages for authors


Authors at Edizioni We receive free training on social media usage, website creation, video production and editing, photography, presentation organization, and many other courses. Edizioni We is aware that the battle for the spread of "culture for good" is fought on multiple fronts and prepares its authors for modernity while not forgetting the love for the "scent of freshly printed paper". 


In the past, authors mainly interacted with intellectuals from their own city or nearby cities. Today, an author, intellectual, and good-hearted individual, promoting peace and practicality, can engage with other authors from all around the world, contributing to real solutions for problems, fighting for freedom, against discrimination, and contributing to the moral evolution of humanity.


Edizioni We does not require authors to purchase copies. If an author voluntarily requests copies, Edizioni We will sell them at 50% of the cover price. Edizioni We formats the author's book and collaborates with them to proofread the work completely free of charge (up to a maximum of 15 hours).


Free social media post and video templates, reserved discounts on course purchases, cashback, discounted purchase of books by other authors, free training to generate online earnings through culture, free training for the creation of associations, electronic invitation templates, roll-up templates, and poster templates.